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Julie Rafferty: A great jazz singer and longtime Fairbanksan.


Zusi-Cobb Experience:

No website for this band but a song by one of Fairbanks best, George Zusi-Cobb, one of the writers in the band Stove. (See below)



Esther Golton: From Talkeetna. Not only one of Alaska's best songwriters but an interpeter of other's songs as well.


Gangly Moose: Fairbanks hard workin' funkmeisters. And three hale fellows, well met... to boot!


Michael Stackhouse: Old friend and Howling Dog stalwart.


Willis Fireball: A fireball of song and community. Travelling for a while...


Ann McBeth: Practically a next door neighbor. Ann hangs out with our musical pal, Alex Clarke and occasionally loans him her guitar.


Will Putman: All around good pal whose house (with local presenter Trudy Heffernan) is "salon" central for skiing in winter, volleyball in summer, music anytime. Also father of Molly and Liam.


Brooklyn Bellinger: Not only a songwriter but a non-fiction writer, documentary filmaker, entrepreneur. An Alaskan women in the tradition of the pioneers.


Ed Benson sang around Fairbanks in the '60's. We recorded a CD of him singing classic country songs as part of our ongoing archiving project of Fairbanks music. Ed passed away shortly after this recording. A nicer man you'll never meet. Look for more of his music on the Song O' the week page in the future.

Paper Scissors

Paper Scissors: One of the most creative bands to spring from the banks of the Chena. Just completed a tour of the Northwest (summer '08)

Ken Waldman

Ken Waldman: The hardest working man in poetry. You can read all about it in his new book, "Are You Famous?"Did we say he swings a mean fiddle?

Laura Vines

Laura Vines: Singer/songwriter, accomplished guitarist and banjo player in the clawhammer style

No website yet. Contact 10th Planet.

Pete Peter

Indian Pete (Pete Peter) & the Band Of Brothers: A favorite around the Planet. He gave Pat a native name which means "Maker of Music" or something like that. ('Course he likes to kid. )

The Trail

Maggie Grady's CD was the second we produced here at the Planet, after Robin's Down In My Heart. After that Maggie disappeared into the wilds of the Kenai Peninsula. Anybody seen her? Let us know.


Jay Stange doesn't have a website or a CD yet but he's made plenty of music for years both in Alaska and for our friends to the south (Canada). This cut is from the Tell the Childen the Truth compilation.


Stov was one of the great Interior Alaska bands from the 90's. We hope to make their whole CD available for download in the future. Also see the Zuzi-Cobb Experience above.

Sheri Wolf

Sheri Wolf: A fine singer/songwriter with two other CDs. This one was produced by Pat & Robin.

Muldoonies CD cover

The Muldoonies: At the time of this recording, a high school band. Talented and fun and we love Ska!



Yet Another

Becky Beistline: A great singer/songwriter born in Fairbanks. We recorded two CD's of her songs.


Susan Grace

Susan Grace: An environmental activist and singer/songwriter. Long awaited new CD just around the


Clark County

Clark County: Premier Fairbanks bluegrass band at the turn of the century. Now scattered to other bands.

Skye Boat Song

Anam Cara: Led by Dennis Rogers. No website as yet but new CD is being released December '08.

Website to follow.

Larry Zarella

Larry Zarella: Principal songwriter for the fabled Denali Cooks.

Now solo with several fine solo CD's, the first recorded at the Planet.



Marc Brown

Marc Brown: Athabascan guitarist/singer /songwriter. A household name in the villages, up and down the Yukon River, in Fairbanks and, increasingly, throughout the whole state.



3ChordHo: Four women and a cloud of dust. Recorded for a fine compilation of Interior artists put together by the inimitable Willis Fireball.



Junkshow: Biting wit and chainsaw guitars. A recipe for good rock & roll and a larf. This tune from the same comp as 3chordho's song (Above). New CD out this past summer, birthed at the Planet.


Denali Cooks

Denali Cooks: Alaska's most popular band in the late 1990's. Larry Zarella (see above) and Jim Sandy were the principal writers.


Jack Louisiaska: The songs of Leighton Nunez with help from his daughter Jesse and others. From an impossible to find CD (maybe we can remedy that in the future), each song better that the last. Alas, no website.
Five Buck Fiddle band

Five Buck Fiddle: Bringing the raucous, ragged but right feel of Old Time string band music to new northern heights.


Girl with parasol

Mariah Ver Hoef : A stunning CD from a Fairbanks songwriter just starting her journey (though it's her 2nd--the 1st being an intimate album done at home with just Mariah and guitar).


O Tallulah musical group

O Tallulah: Sublime harmonies and superb songs from a Fairbanks family band.


CD Cover

Steve Brown and the Bailers: "Folkabilly"(as Steve calls it). We call it some of the swingingest, catchy songs to come from our lil' ol' town.


Raven painting for the cover of Will Putman's CD Ravin'

Will Putman is another one of our ski buddies and a great friend. He's also an excellent songwriter, father and woodsman to say nothing of a guy always up for an adventure. This is his 3rd CD done at the Planet with a cover by his teenage daughter Molly.


Mariah Ver Hoef CD Space Between Two Worlds

Mariah Ver Hoef 's Space Between Two Worlds, her 2nd CD with us and she just keeps getting better. Almost 18, amazing as that seems, she's as amazing as she seems. One of our favorite people from one of our favorite families.


Cover of CD Manuel Is Back

Bruce Delbridge is Manuel, and Manuel is Bruce Delbridge. A long story but it has to do with youthful adventures in South America. He's brought that music to Alaska though the song her is one of his own. Besides writing songs, Bruee is an accomplished harmonica player and also plays various stringed instruments and the pan pipes.


Cover of Steve Brown & The Bailers CD Things Change

Steve Brown's 2nd CD in as many years. He and the Bailers are rippin' it up everywhere they play. Incredible songwriter, engaging performer, expert carpenter (he built our equipment rack at the Planet) and all around nice guy. The Bailers are fine folks and the cream of the crop of Fairbanks' musicians.


Dave Stancliff CD If Heaven's Not Alaska

Dave Stancliff lives in Tok, the gateway town to the state on the Alaska Highway and plays all summer there at an RV park. He's done a lot of recording at the Planet and is a great friend. While you can order this CD online, the latest one is only available in Tok. So come on up, you know you want to!




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